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Meet Our Guests

Meet the Event Facilitator

LaTasha Myers (formerly known as LaTasha Hicks) is the Founder and President of W.O.W. Winning Over Warfare Resource Ministries, LLC. She is a minister in her church and is active in various capacities of her church. She is a former graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems. She is a youth advocate, youth leader and a certified event planner. She is a member of NAACP, former member of Urban Women's Ministry of Wake County, and chaplain in New Jersey. LaTasha has taught both middle - high school students in Behavioral & Emotional Disorder Education. LaTasha is a 911 survivor from the terrorist attacks of The World Trade Center. Although she has suffered a great loss and many unexpected tragedies in her life, she has become resilient and has continued to walk in the will of God for her life. After suffering from the most devastating times with experiencing back to back deaths in her immediate family, she began to experience a unique move of God in her life. From revelation to revelation and much confirmation from God, LaTasha stepped out on faith and answered the divine call. With much grace and humility, LaTasha is glad to have launched W.O.W. Winning Over Warfare Resources, LLC which is designed to help those who have lost loved ones and those suffering with grief or hurt from unexpected traumas in their lives. Out of these tragedies, LaTasha was featured as a guest speaker on The Fly Widow Podcast, iGospel Radio Show, The Authentic Chic Show, A Walk In Love Radio, The Ken Meeks Show, and become a co-author of “The Victorious Widow Book Anthology.” LaTasha was also selected to be featured in the September 2021 edition of UPWORDS International Magazine and The K.I.S.H. Top Ten “Women on The Move” Publication. To God be all the Glory! She’s determined to carry out what God has called her to do for the upbuilding of his kingdom.


Meet The Event Team

Conference 2023


Registration Assistant & Hostess

Inspirational Confernce


Registration Assistant & Hostess

Church 2023


Inspirational Sound Technician & Co-Host/Announcer



Sound Technician Assistant

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